HNN Template Model

 The following sections contain details on the construction of the cells and circuits in HNN’s canonical neocortical template model (comprised of a layered cortical column) as well as exogenous driving inputs. Each section details the parameters that can currently be adjusted in the HHN-GUI for the user’s hypothesis testing needs. If there are parameters you would like to be able to adjust in the HNN-GUI but cannot, we encourage you to submit suggestions to our Github issues page.

While the adjustable parameters in the HNN-GUI are necessarily limited, all parameters and network configurations can be changed based on your hypothesis testing goals using NEURON-Python code in our documented and supported HNN-Core repository page.  Please see the "Getting Started" page for more details on the functionality of HNN-GUI and HNN-Core, and how more specialized neocortical template models can be used and developed.

Cortical Column Structure

Neurons: Morphology and Physiology

Network Architecture and Synaptic Connectivity

Exogenous Driving Inputs: Evoked and Rhythmic

Exogenous Driving Inputs: Tonic / Noisy

Calculation of Primary Electrical Currents