HNN-Core Installation Instructions


About HNN-Core

HNN-core is the result of an effort to clean up and reorganize the underlying code that defines the HNN software to facilitate expansion and community engagement in HNN's use and development.

HNN-core 0.1 is a streamlined Python package that contains all of the utility of HNN with a command line interface (CLI). A goal of HNN-core is to provide an object-oriented design that allows the computational neuroscience community to understand and contribute to development and use of the HNN software analysis toolkit. The command-line utility allows easy batch processing and integration with other Python based packages such as MNE-Python. We are in the process of integrating all of the HNN-core code into the GUI version of HNN

Here is an example of the visualizations possible with HNN-core. This is an animation of the network activity from the ERP tutorial:   

HNN Event Related Potential

Visualization of cortical activity underlying event related potentials as simulated by the Human Neocortical Neurosolver (HNN). Colors in the network correspond to membrane potential.

Installing HNN-Core

On Linux and Mac, it is possible to install HNN-core using a single line:
$ pip install hnn_core

Please see the HNN-core documentation for more detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting

Examples of use are provided for simulating commonly measured MEG/EEG signals, including event related potentials and low-frequency brain rhythms, following the GUI-based tutorials.